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fruit and vegetable face masks

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Make your own organic facial masks at home using a variety of natural ingredients of your choosing

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Are you tired of the same old ineffective facial masks?

Do you worry that the masks you are using are not healthy or safe?

Face & body organic's innovative mask maker lets you create your own facial masks using 100% natural fruits and vegetables! 

create your own all-natural safe and healthy masks at home! no side-effects, zero preservatives, and no added chemicals.


Max Power: 90W, 100-240V;

Volume: 100ml

Work Temperature: 80℃

Production Time: 5 min

Packing List:

1 x Mask Maker

1 x Mask Plate

1 x 100ML Cup

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Mask spoon

24 x Fresh Collagen (1 count for 1 DIY fruit facial mask)

complete Instructions

Tips for use:

1. PLEASE Read The Instructions Carefully Before Using.

2. place the machine on a flat surface to ensure the liquid is distributed evenly.
use the dial slice to even out the liquid as necessary prior to cooling.

3. be careful pouring the liquid out and protect your skin as it will be hot.

4. wash all equipment thoroughly after each use.

5. High viscosity liquids such as milk and honey could adhere to the bottom of the tank after cooling. use the cleaning brush to thoroughly clean the stirred tank.

6. Please note the product doesn’t include the juice squeezing function. please prepare 20ml juice before making the mask, and mix the juice with the water in proportion according to the instructions

★ 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC: No chemicals, safer and healthier masks. Have fun making the fruit or vegetables facial mask at home, add it to your spa day to get the best effect on your skin's tightening and recovery

★ Environmentally-FRIENDLY, MONEY & TIME SAVER: Mask is made from clean water, milk, fruit juice and FDA certified collagen so it is healthy, environmentally friendly and safe. make your skin glow without worrying about side effects, enjoy the natural mask and the skin massage

★ INTELLIGENT design: making a mask is quick and easy. quietly and automatically. operated machine with only one power button, mask making mode and cleaning mode, making the process only 5 minutes long

★ AUTOMATIC MASK MAKING: The mask will be formed evenly on the mask plate by simply pouring in the liquid. no need for paper masks or spoons to shape the liquid. You can also adjust to better fit the mask to your face

★ UNIQUE MASK: Various color face masks can be designed by pouring fruit and vegetable juice, tea, milk, soy milk, honey, beer, red wine, essential oils, herbs, flowers, eggs, and more with 1 packet of natural collagen. make your own unique mask based on your skin's needs

Have you been troubled by huge pores, blackheads, acne and oily skin?

Do you still apply those facial masks with preservatives, fluorescent brighteners, excessive levels of lead mercury or heavy metals on your face? These masks with excessive chemicals only cause harm to your face in the long term.

You need a facial mask machine can nourish your face without any side-effects. This facial mask machine offers you to create facial masks made of different natural green ingredients.

For your beauty and health, we kindly suggest you to DIY your facial mask with fruits, vegetables, red wine, red wine or milk and enjoy yourself to the max.