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you skincare program

Skin Care Morning & Night

Stage 1 - Wrinkles Reduction 

Hello, please start work with the time keeper 3 times a week for the next 30-90 days(representative recommendation) Make sure the Time Keeper is fully charged before use and the areas you want to treat are dry. Do not put on any cream/serum before use. Time keeper : 

Please make sure to follow step by step (drink purifying water before you start)

 Step 1 LED-blue light 

3 min per area ( only area 1,2&3) After you turn it on it will start heating up slowly (no need to wait), place the probe (metal head) on your skin, the red light will then automatically activate. To switch between the colors of light simply press in the EMS button Place the probe (metal head) on the spot you would like to treat and press lightly for about 3 min per area: Area number 1 Jaw & Jowls

 Place the probe (metal heat) at the jawline and glide up towards the ear.(Blue) Place the probe (metal heat) horizontally on the jawline, towards the middle of the chin Lift and hold for 5-10 seconds.(RED&EMS)

 Area number 2 

 (metal heat) vertically on the jawline with the top sphere slightly outside the corner of the mouth. Lift and hold for 5-10 seconds.(RED&EMS)

Area number 3

Cheek Contour Place the probe (metal heat) horizontally under the apple of the cheek closer to the nose. Lift and hold for 5-10 seconds.(RED&EMS)

 Area number 4 Forehead Wrinkles

 Section off the brow into three, the thick of the brow, the arch of the brow and the thin of the brow. 

Area number 5 (extra)

 Forehead & Brow Place the probe (metal heat) horizontally, above the thick of the brow. Lift and hold for 5-10 seconds.(EMS) 

Step 2 LED- red light

light pressure while slowly moving theTime Keeper in small circular motions, gliding the probe in upward motion on the desired areas. For best results, treat each area for about 5 min. 

Step 3 EMS - Face Lift Microcurrent

 apply the syringe gel small drop spread it on each area before you Place probe (metal heat) of the work area start on level 1 if can do level 2 or 3(the stronger&deeper)

 After all steps : 

It is recommended to apply a small amount of serum&cream on the treated skin areas Any serum&cream you'll use after treatment will be more effective.

"we recommend to use our organic machine after device treatment "



When you've completed the treatment, power off the Time Keeper and clean off any excess gel from the attachments. Plug into the charging cord so it's ready for next time.

 • Please take pictures of your face&neck before and after the treatment And compare.

Good luck