LED Eye Device


Empire LED Eye Device - New Generation

How to use: 

Everyday use and Applicator for all or cosmetic line.

Please charge your device before use.

choose the blue light and the sonic vibration apply your favorite Eye serum Applied over the device and split it equally over the eyelid Around the lips & four head. 

Recommended to take it as a travel device in your personal Bag everywhere you go. 

Make sure to clean after every use.

LED color therapy, galvanic ion and vibration massager for a younger look. LED light helps for skin regeneration as well as promoting collagen production. LED Eye device has efficiency. Very effective delivery of nutrition for wrinkle care, whitening and lifting. Also has convenience by automatically turning on as soon as reached to the face. LED Eye device helps for total skin care at home as home care massager for V line, younger looking and small face.

Empire Tech LED Eye Device